Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today was Day 1 of Rattan Elementary’s CAMP WRITE ALONG!  I was absolutely thrilled to see the excitement and enthusiasm coming from my fourth graders after the completion of Day 1!  

Today, we started camp by coming into the classroom and getting settled with our sleeping bags and pillows.  Once we ensured that we would be comfortable and cozy in our work space we went to Specials! 

After specials, it was time for our Morning Camp Meeting!  The entire fourth grade gathered in the school cafeteria for the Camp Announcements, provided by our Camp Director (aka our Assistant Principal, Mr. James Branam). 

After being welcomed to camp we got to sing our camp song!  We got to practice our camp song last night so we kind of knew what to expect, but the title is ”CAMP SING ALONG” and it is to the tune of “YMCA”!    

Our camp counselors (aka the fourth grade teachers) introduced a new song to us today called, “Write, Write, Baby”!  This was a HUGE hit with our fourth graders!  We even got to see Mrs. Pratt do the running man, HA!  

As much fun as the morning meeting was, it was time to get busy doing what we came to do…WRITE!  Today’s prompt was to write a narrative about a time we did something fun while living in Texas.  Some things that we need to make sure and remember are to include are…THE ENTERTAINING BEGINNING, THE ELABORATIVE SEGMENT,OUR MAIN EVENT, and…THE CONCLUSION!!!  

After lunch we had a chance to share our stories around the campfire!  During this time we told each other what we really like about our stories and we helped each other come up with ideas on how to make our stories even better!  This was definetely one of the highlights of our day here at CAMP WRITE ALONG!

Here is a video of our class working diligently on Day 1! 

Camp Write Along Day 1 on PhotoPeach